K-12 Security

Security 1_350x263.jpgHavel offers a number of security and life safety systems tailored to the unique needs of K-12 schools. Our primary focus is to help create a safer learning environment for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.  

We understand that no two schools are alike, which is why we work diligently to fully understand and work within your school’s safety plan. Then, our team can design systems that specifically fit your safety and budget needs. 

Our K-12 security and life safety solutions include:

  • Access control systems  
    • Entry access controls
    • Stop unauthorized individuals from entering
    • Vet individuals before they get into the building
    • Cloud- and Appliance-based
  • Exterior door controls
    • Provide notifications when a door is forced open or is propped open  
    • Electrified door hardware, including ADA door openers
  • Security cameras
    • License plate readers that are integrated with a database including:
      • Suspended students and staff
      • Local sex offender list
      • Parent custody
  • Intelligent Parking lot video surveillance with:
    • Brandished weapons detection
    • Vandalism monitoring
    • Bus lane search for lost children
  • AI-based Video Cameras for Interior spaces
    • Track persons quickly with analytics 
  • Intercom and Mass Notification Systems
  • Intrusion systems
  • Monitoring for Intrusion Systems with 24/7 response
  • Noise and vape detection for restrooms, helping to detect:
    • Bullying
    • Vandalism and destruction of property
    • Vaping or smoking
  • Department of Homeland Security Grant and Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Report Writing Assistance
  • Network Infrastructure Cabling

Our security systems experts are ready to help your school. Call us today.