Power Quality Management 

Electrician working with a table looking up at a power supply towerWhen you have an unreliable or unstable power supply, it can cause everything from device and equipment malfunctions to complete power outages and failure. This can seriously disrupt your regular business operations and lead to costly unplanned downtime. 

For the healthcare, industrial, and data center markets, we self-perform a variety of services aimed at effectively managing and improving power quality, including power factor correction, voltage stabilization, harmonic filtering, power conditioning, and reactive power stabilization. 

Extensive Power Management Solutions 

Havel’s experienced commercial electricians are ready to evaluate your power systems and implement a range of solutions to help improve reliability and function. And, as an “EcoXpert” Critical Power Master certified by Schneider Electric, you can be confident in our expertise and professionalism. 

Our power quality services include:

  • Power Quality Correction: Poor power quality can increase electrical bills and lead to outages and failures. We can install the latest power factor correction units and capacitors, helping eliminate excessive harmonics, mitigate voltage sags, and keep power clean and efficient.  
  • Power Quality Monitoring: Utilizing highly advanced meters, we can help you continuously monitor your distribution system’s power flow. Monitoring is key for diagnosing potential issues and tracking power usage and costs. 
  • Power Management Software: Whether for facility management, power monitoring, or power management and control, our sophisticated software programs and mobile applications can help improve the operating quality of a range of electrical systems.   
  • Power Reliability Services: Using analytics from your power network and Schneider Electric’s cloud-based diagnostic service “EcoStruxure Power Advisor”, our team finds, prioritizes, and recommends ways to resolve problems impacting your system performance.

Reach out today to talk to one of our power quality management specialists.