Indoor Air Quality

Havel technician installing/maintaining IAQ equipmentA building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) significantly impacts the productivity, health, and comfort of its occupants. Steps to improve IAQ are also typically good for the efficiency and longevity of critical assets like HVAC systems.

Havel’s IAQ experts and professional technicians offer a full-suite of services aimed at improving the health and productivity of your facility, ranging from routine maintenance and duct cleaning to the latest in ultra-violet (UV-C) technology and patented ionization products.

For Healthier, More Productive, & More Efficient Buildings

Indoor air pollutants can negatively impact tenant satisfaction and cause serious health problems for employees who have respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or environmental allergies. Airborne pathogens also build up in HVAC systems, leading to decreases in cooling capacity and reductions in efficiency.

Benefits to Improving IAQ

  • Provide a cleaner, healthier environment for occupants
  • Remove buildups of dust, dirt, mold, spores, microbes, viruses, and other particulates
  • Disinfect and clean system surfaces
  • Help HVAC systems work more efficiently
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce system maintenance requirements
  • Increase building ROI and life-span of critical assets
  • Eliminate airborne pathogens and odors
  • Keep cooling coils clean
  • Increase employee productivity and tenant satisfaction

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance, featuring filter replacements and upgrades, is one of the most fundamental ways to improve IAQ.  Havel offers clients a full range of preventive and routine maintenance programs— including duct cleaning— all backed by 24/7 emergency dispatch and response.

UV-C Lamps to Kill Indoor Pathogens

We can provide and install advanced UV-C technology that offers continuous protection from airborne pathogens that accumulate on HVAC equipment. Typically, UV-C lamps only need to be replaced once a year, making them one of the most affordable ways to improve IAQ and HVAC function.

Purify Air with Ionization Technology

Utilizing needlepoint bi-polar ionization (NPBI) technology, Havel offers a cutting-edge IAQ solution that uses an electronic charge to create ions that can kill pathogens, breakdown harmful compounds, and accumulate microparticles into larger filterable particles.

Our IAQ Improvement Solutions

  • Preventive HVAC maintenance and repair
  • Air filter replacement and upgrades
  • Duct cleaning
  • Code compliance and updates
  • Air purifying ionization technology
  • UV-C technology
    • Surface decontamination
    • Airborne inactivation