Healthcare Facilities

Two doctors walking in a healthcare facility lobbyHavel offers a full-suite of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Additionally, we tailor our building automation and preventative maintenance programs to fit the unique requirements of healthcare buildings, in order to provide our customers more efficient, productive facilities.

HVAC Controls

Our solutions enhance safety and comfort in healthcare facilities.  We provide and support environment controls and software for maintaining temperature, humidity, air exchanges, pressurization, and alarms.  

  • Monitor environmental conditions, occupancy, and safety systems 
  • Maintain positive or negative pressure via controls, pressure sensors and airflow-measuring devices
  • Modify your BMS system with our service engineers who can
    • Write the code and program controllers that change room settings
    • Custom design based on each hospital’s mechanical system
    • Modify each room’s sequence of operations for temperature and pressure controls

Electrical Distribution and Security Power

Our power systems help keep lights on, reduce unplanned outages, and optimize power quality for critical medical equipment.

  • Deliver surge protection, lien conditioning, and back-up power to PCs, essential medical equipment, and temporary medical spaces
  • Connect new circuits to existing electrical distribution for smooth installations
  • Increase power resiliency with microgrid solutions and automatic transfer sequences that connect and control distributed energy resources
  • Provide monitoring tools, secure interoperability, and integration between existing and new electrical infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure

We can deliver a full array of solutions for IT deployments including reliable power, efficient cooling, physical security, and cloud-based digital services.  From individual units to stand-alone solutions such as prefabricated and micro data centers, we can support your unique network infrastructure for medical software applications in screening, triage, lab and ICU areas.

  • Rapidly scale IT networks and compute in temporary spaces through pre-integrated micro data center solutions
  • Predict downtime and manage cybersecurity threats via monitoring software
  • Deliver precise cooling and clean power via surge suppression and line conditioning