Building Automation Systems

Our Phoenix location is dedicated to installing and servicing Building Automation Systems.

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Looking for a way to conserve resources, cut costs, and increase your productivity? Let Havel assist with planning, designing, and installing a Building Automation System (BAS) to give you complete control over your facility.

Havel’s building automation systems allow you to manage every aspect of your facility, including:

HVAC Control

HVAC building automation controls can be as simple as a common wall thermostat or as detailed as a control strategy for temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions. Whatever your requirements, Havel has the experience, systems, and quality products to solve your single or complex HVAC control problems.

System Integration

Manufacturer Certifications and Training
  • EcoXpert Building Management Systems Master, certified by Schneider Electric
    • Data Center Certified
    • Health Care Certified
    • Building Automation Certified
  • Security Xpert, certified by Schneider Electric
  • Tridium Niagara 4 Certification
  • Honeywell Spyder BACnet and LON Trained

System integration merges every aspect of control into one location (i.e., building automation controls, HVAC controls, lighting control systems, fuel monitoring, security management, access control, intrusion detection, and fire alarm). Not only can these systems be managed from one location, but they can also be managed using a PC to allow for easy retrieval of documents and histories.

Lighting Control Systems

A significant portion of your utility dollars is spent on lighting. Lighting control systems allow you to control energy spending by scheduling when the lights will be switched on and off in your facility. This aspect of building automation controls also allows you to easily change your schedule from a central onsite control point or from a remote location.

Security Management

This intelligent building automation involves the integration of your access control and intrusion detection systems into one security management system. Our security management system allows you to use the same devices for access control and intrusion detection systems, thereby reducing your installed costs.

Access Control

With access control, you not only have the ability to control who enters your facility, but you can also control access during specific days and times. You have a complete history of the access data for each area. Individual access can be set up or changed easily from your main control center onsite or remotely. Our automation control systems integrate multiple access card/reader technologies into one easy-to-use system.

Intrusion Detection

This aspect of building automation will allow you to monitor the exterior of your facility and building grounds, including doors, fences, gates, out building, driveways, etc. Intrusion detection may not keep someone out of your facility; however, it will provide alarms and notification when entry occurs.

Fuel Monitoring

We can provide you with an EPA-certified fuel monitoring system that will allow you to manage the amount of fuel in your storage tank. Our system will alarm you of fuel theft or if water is present in your fuel, as well as monitor the interstitial space to indicate any fuel leakage or ground water seepage.

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