Fort Wayne, IN

Frontier Data Center

We upgraded a regional data center to web-based HVAC controls that could be viewed and adjusted from anywhere in the facility.

Value Delivered

Havel serves as a single-source provider for design, installation, and ongoing maintenance for Frontier’s data center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We were able to help Frontier manage data migration with no unplanned outages or loss of vital information. Additionally, we installed alarms that enable ongoing data loss prevention.

Our solutions help maintain the data center’s capability to securely process more transactions in one second than Wall Street handles in a week.

Client Objectives

Frontier needed to manage migration of data when they combined 25 U.S. customer data centers into three regional facilities. They also needed facility upgrading and testing of methodologies.


As the controls and building automation service provider to Frontier for more than 30 years, Havel was in a unique, trusted position to understand and advise Frontier on how best to meet its new capacity.

Serving as architect, engineer, and installer, Havel upgraded a disk-operating system to a web-based HVAC controls system that could be viewed and adjusted from anywhere in the facility. 

In the carefully-controlled data center environment, a two-degree differential can mean the total loss of critical information. So, we also worked closely with Frontier and the general contractor to install pre-alarm systems that annunciate in the event of a threatening rise or fall in temperature.

Havel also signed a full-service contract with Frontier to ensure ongoing, optimum function of the system.

Client Background

Frontier is one of the largest data processing organizations and systems integrators in the U.S.