Kalamazoo, MI

Western Michigan University

Our HVAC and building automation solutions helped improve energy efficiency in 65 buildings across the Western Michigan University campus.

Aerial view of the campus at Western Michigan University

Value Delivered

Havel collaborated with Western Michigan University (WMU) facilities officials to help develop a plan for achieving substantial energy savings by upgrading the university’s HVAC systems and controls.

We self-performed the full scope of work, including the installation of sophisticated energy management systems that automate and help optimize control of the new technologies.

Our solutions enable more precise, flexible, and efficient HVAC control. They also help to increase technology integration; improve building comfort; lower operating costs; and deliver ongoing economies, efficiencies, and investment returns.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to improve energy efficiency in 65 buildings across campus, totaling 7-million square feet of space.


Our solutions included integrating WMU’s building automation technologies with a variety of devices, equipment, and systems. To accomplish this, we used industry-standard protocols including local operating networks, building automation control network, and wireless ethernet.

We also converted HVAC systems in many buildings to variable air volume devices to help reduce energy demands while improving zone control. 

To help WMU control energy consumption more precisely, we installed new electric and steam utility meters across campus.

As a way of continuing to help the university maximize its return on investment, we also provide ongoing support.

Client Background

Western Michigan University is a public research university established in 1903.