South Bend, IN

University of Notre Dame – Three Buildings

For multiple LEED® Gold facilities across this campus, we designed, installed, and integrated building automation and winterization systems.

Several tall buildings on the campus of Notre Dame

Value Delivered

As part of the University of Notre Dame’s (UND) sustainability and efficiency efforts campus-wide, Havel’s solutions helped three new buildings achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold for design, construction, and operations. 

Our custom integrations with 3D graphical interface met UND’s specific operational goals.

Client Objectives

UND added more than 750,000 square feet of teaching, research, and performance space with the construction of three eight-story buildings surrounding the stadium. They needed building automation, data center redundancy, and winterization solutions throughout the new buildings, media center, and stadium.


For this project, totaling nearly 50,000 labor hours, we designed, installed, and integrated:

  • 1,195 zone temperature sensors
  • 1,404 building automation controls network controllers
  • 3,971 electric valves, sensors, and actuators
  • 30 local operating network controllers
  • 40 automation servers
  • Air flow measuring stations
  • Dampers
  • Flow and BTU meters
  • Kitchen hood controls to synchronize cooking activity with exhaust fans
  • Snow melt systems 
  • Steam meters

We also prefabricated 89 custom-built panels in our 2,600-square-foot UA/UL-approved panel shop. In addition, we provided custom integrations with 3D graphical interface including:

  • Air flow control for digital camera suites to minimize picture distortion
  • Chillers
  • Computer room air handler 
  • Condensate return receivers and pumps 
  • Domestic water boost pump stations 
  • Domestic water line heat tracing system
  • Domestic water tempering "brain" systems 
  • Electric overhead infrared space heaters, stadium seat heaters, and window opener/closers in luxury suites
  • Grand piano humidity sensors 
  • Laboratory controls 
  • Snow melt controllers 
  • Variable frequency drives 
  • Variable refrigerant flow systems 
  • Vehicle emissions monitoring and exhaust system in parking garage 
  • Waste line heat trace system

For the data room, we provided:

  • Custom redundant monitoring, notification, and business continuity plan for chilled water back up system
  • Winter emergency cooling system monitoring, notification, and manually-enabled automatic change-over for backup while the water system is offline during the winter

For the stadium, we provided:

  • A winterization system including domestic water tempering and recirculation for freeze protection
  • Temperature monitoring, verification, and reporting via custom application of building reports 
  • Custom programming and integration for their lighting panel "off sweep" 

Client Background

The University of Notre is a private Catholic research university founded in 1842 and recognized as one of the top universities in the U.S.